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Specialists in the ‘not for profit’ sector, this is where websites, the internet, social-media, graphic design, and ideas come together, to create services and tools as useful as they are exciting.

Our knowledge and budgets consistently meet the challenges of voluntary organisations, charities and independent businesses.

We’re also very proud of two special services, unique to MKS Creative. VOLIFE is our bespoke system, designed to boost volunteer recruitment for volunteer centres.

And COUNTERPOINT which gives you astonishingly accurate tracking, reporting and statistics for your website (even if we didn’t build it).


At MKS Creative, before we start work, we take time to discover exactly what you want and need from your website. Establishing your specific requirements gives us exactly what’s required to integrate your services, messages and brand with your new site. In short, we build, shape, design and create, using the latest tools, technologies, and frameworks, to arrive at a perfect bespoke solution.

Whether it’s a website, social media campaign, or our unique and celebrated VOLIFE volunteer recruitment platform, our combination of outstanding customer service and inspired creativity, bring your ideas and ambitions to life in this digital world.

Website upgrades

A website upgrade is a high-level redesign and improvement of your website. At MKS Creative, we take careful time to examine elements like code, copy, design, and visual elements of your current website. The goal is to uplift visitor numbers, and radically improve the experience your users enjoy.

In essence, an overhaul is like a website build, but our skills are applied to an existing site or page.

The whole process always starts with a conversation. From experience, we know the best way to achieve exactly the right result, is to establish a detailed brief with you. By understanding precisely what you want to achieve, your timescales and budgets, we can set about your site overhaul with confidence.


If your online shop is going to succeed, you’ll need to show off your products at their absolute best. It’s all about inviting customers to take a good look at your merchandise, making it easy for them to add items to their cart, and check out with the minimum of fuss, then return for more.

When your e-store (the same as an online shop) is delivered by MKS Creative, there’s no compromise. From your favourite fonts and colours, to brilliant layouts and branding, everything is designed to fit your personal look, commercial needs, and customer desires.

Whether it’s setting up an online store, a booking service, or a digital download outlet, you’ll enjoy everything you need from merchandising to checkout, while showcasing your business at its absolute best.

We work with all the major platforms:

– Shopify
– Etsy
– Woo Commerce
– Google
– eBay
– Vinted


MKS Creative is ready to apply our imagination and skills to your unique, exciting, online advertising campaign. Placed on the right sites, and the most appropriate social media, we ensure these are advertisements which are actually looked at, read and clicked.

So you can promote everything, from seasonal sales, charity appeals, concerts or special events.


Analyse your visitors & traffic with Counterpoint
Track how your key metrics are performing over time by comparing pageviews, sessions, visitors and new visitors for any date range. Spot negative trends so you can react quickly and turn things around, and positive trends so you can see the results of your efforts.

See how your website is doing at a glance
The reports dashboard displays the most meaningful aggregate metrics for a clear overview of how your website is performing and the ability to drill down into each report for deeper analysis.

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Social media

Social media  has moved and changed. So we deliver the right social media management strategy to drive your message and reach your audience, while gauging valuable insights into perceptions of you and your services.

It’s simply impossible to ignore social media, from Facebook to X, as a key aspect of your digital marketing. But you can let us take that strain!

"We've been working with the MKS team for over 20 years and their creative input has been an invaluable in keeping our website fresh and relevant."
Deanna Rosamond
"I never imagined we could have such a good-looking, and effective website. Let alone afford one."
Helen Tyson
antiques dealer
"It was the attention to detail which made all the difference to my store. And they gave me some great ideas too!"
Zoe Childer
e-store owner
“My online advertising needed a real boost. Fortunately I was able to tap into MKS Creative's experience and skills."
Stan Townsend
online trader
“What was happening on our website was a mystery! But with COUNTERPOINT on board, all the details became clear"
Peter Ross
independent retailer
“I asked MKS Creative to come up with something that offered a superior volunteer recruitment service. To my amazement they produced the perfect solution!"
Stan Townsend
volunteer centre manager
“Everybody uses social media these days. But using it as a real communication tool took the insight we found with MKS Creative."
Danni Smith
care agency owner