Simple to install, powerful to run, counterpoint is the razor-sharp traffic and statistics reporting system from MKS Creative.

It delves under the bonnet of your website to reveal exactly what’s happening. Wherever you’re succeeding, whatever your ambtions, here’s everything you need to know.

Analyse your visitors & traffic
Track how your key statistics are performing, compare page views, monitor sessions, and measure every visitor across any date range.

This exposes any negative trends, enabling you to react quickly, making changes and seeing real results rapidly.

Visitor locations
Discover where your visitors are when they browse your website.

Our comprehensive visitor location data, maps out your audience. 

Visitor engagement
Monitor your visitors’ returning visits, the length of their visit, and even file downloads, to see how they engage with your website.

Popular Pages
Identify your most popular pages, and optimise them to create maximum impact.

Get the complete story in your inbox.
Regular email reports deliver summary stats, so you can quickly see how your site is performing, or configure detailed reports of the key data you are tracking.

Our mobile-friendly email reports can be generated daily, weekly, or monthly.

And there’s so much more…