did you know…?

* I am Dame Judi Dench’s godson
* I have witnessed a murder
* I owned a dog which starred in an ASDA ad
* I am upset by the sight of an octopus
* I have visited the Greek islands over twenty times
* I am the last of my family line with the surname ‘Shaw’
* I am half Welsh
* I attended the final Stonehenge free festival
* I once spent my birthday at the Grand Canyon
* I have never knowingly been a member of a gym
* I rather like the rain

* I was once on News At Ten, talking about Top Man suits
* I was once on Sky News talking about the weather
* I always bathe, never shower
* I have met a man who walked on the moon
* I know Pele’s real name
* I was a nightclub DJ for eight years
* I went to the same school as fighter ace Albert Ball

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